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Michael Goodman Memorial Research Award Application Procedure


If you are a CASP member submitting a paper or poster proposal for the CASP Convention, you are strongly encouraged to apply for this prestigious award. To apply, please mark that you wish to be considered for the Michael Goodman Memorial Research Award on your Paper or Poster Proposal Application form. You must also include a three-page summary (plus tables and reference page) of your presentation in addition to the proposal abstract. The deadline for submissions is July 1st.


  • The study must be submitted for presentation at the CASP Convention.
  • The research paper must focus on a problem or question that clearly relates to the practice of school psychology.
  • The study must not have been published prior to the convention.
  • The study must be original, not an analysis of another project. Secondary data analysis of a data set from a previously reported study is permitted only if it consists of re-analyzing the data.
  • The study must specifically answer research questions that are new, unique and not examined previously.

The study may be conducted by more than one principal investigator provided all researchers have contributed to the project. Use of additional personnel for data collection is permissible. The principal investigator must be a Regular Member, Associate Member, or Student Member of CASP at the time the research project is submitted for consideration. In order to be considered for the Michael Goodman Memorial Research Award, follow the entry procedures given:

1. Apply for the award through the annual Call for Presentations inviting submissions for the Annual CASP Convention. In addition to the materials in the call for Presentations include a three-page summary of your presentation.

2. Summaries must include the following:

  • Identification of the problem or issue
  • Clear deliniations of the hypothesis, questions, or objectives
  • A preview of related literature
  • Demonstration of appropriate research design
  • Review of research procedures
  • Results of data analysis strategies
  • Conclusion and implications.

3. Six (6) copies of this summary should be submitted with the proposal abstract to the CASP office by July 1st.

4. Papers must follow APA standards. The applicant should include a separate cover letter with the title of the study, name(s) of the author(s), principal author’s address and home phone number. Identifying information other than the running head should not be used anywhere in the paper. A running head should appear on each page in the upper right-hand corner above the page number.

The Research Committee will read and rate each entry, rank the entries, resolve any tie rankings, and make the final determination of the recipient of the Michael Goodman Memorial Research Award. Applicants will be informed in writing about the status of their entries on or before January 1st. We invite and encourage you to submit your research for consideration for the Michael Goodman Memorial Research Award.


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